Trading Terms

Dear Valued Customers        

Our terms of trading are 14 days from invoice date.
This has not been done lightly, but with a great deal of hand wringing and brow beating.
Our aim is to provide the BEST quality/price/lead times and service.
Carrying credit, costs all of us money and at the end of the day this cost is passed onto you, our customers.

All NEW customers are COD for the first 3 orders.

However there are still some orders that are Factory Custom Made and will require a payment up front on ordering and these particular Factory orders will be discussed when applicable, most factories do not start production of orders prior to payment being made, particularly overseas suppliers.

The rationale behind our terms are as follows.
When we purchase clothing, fuel, meals, alcohol or any product or engage the services of a doctor, dentist, mechanic, setting up a new office etc we pay on receipt of goods. When you, as a customer, take an order it is sound financial practice to take a deposit which will cover your costs should the customer disappear, when a logo is placed on products they cannot be removed, so goods cannot be re-used. The remainder of the payment is generally taken on collection of goods.

Our invoices are given to you the day the goods are received, if you require an early invoice please ask.
Before you say that you deal with large organizations (including government departments) who expect an account I would say two things, having been involved in both government and private committees
1.        People want the best price they can get– if this means they have to organize to pay an account up front, they will do it.
2.        Whilst it may take some extra effort to organize payment up front, it can be done. It is up to us to retrain our customers about the benefits of ‘cash’ accounts

I understand most promotional suppliers are totally COD, very few offer 30-55 days accounts with discounts for paying earlier – in effect you are paying for the “luxury” of an account – at Caprice Promotional we chose not to do this.

Having said all of the above, you understand as well as anyone that carrying credit costs all of us money, and chasing bad debts costs enormous amounts of time, anguish and money. So we can help each other by maintaining lower pricing, faster turn around times and of course the best products and service around.
And of course, if ever there are difficulties with any account please contact us to negotiate some terms agreeable to all parties.

Many thanks for your understanding – we truly do value your custom and wish to keep things as simple as possible.

With kind regards
Caprice Promotional Clothing & Products

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