Laser Engraving

Caprice Promotional will advise the best method to reproduce your Logo successfully One method is via Laser engraving. This is a permanent and elegant way to decorate metal and some plastic items.

What products or surfaces work best for laser engraving?
Anything that produces a high contrast will produce the best engraving result.  Black Maglites produce a matt silver result and offer excellent contrast.  Highly polished chrome products also engrave exceptionally well.
What products or surfaces don’t work well for engraving?

Any item with a matt silver finish generally produces minimal contrast and can be quite difficult to see.  Most hard plastics can be engraved, but softer plastics can’t.  Fabrics and stress items can’t be engraved.

What kind of life expectancy can be expected?

Laser engraving is permanent and lasts for the life of the product.

What is the advantage in laser engraving?

Laser engraving is permanent and on certain occasions allows for variable information.

What is a disadvantage on laser engraving?

Laser engraving is often too subtle for some tastes in promotional marketing.

What is the average set-up time and run length (in units) for laser engraving?

Laser setup time depends on the complexity of the product.  The average setup time is 15 minutes. The most common quantity break is 100-249 units.

Are repeat set-ups a simple task and is this an additional cost?
Repeat set-up charges cover the cost of preparing an artwork layout for approval and re-jigging the product on the laser.
Is there a rejection rate in engraving?

Because items are often higher in value, most engravers take every precaution to have small rejection rates.  Normally rejection rates happen when the base metal is inconsistent or if they experience problems with the coating of the product.  It never hurts to have a few spares included. When engraved these problems are noticeable.

What is digitising for engraving?

Digitising is the process of preparing the artwork for engraving.  They often engrave very fine detail so it is important to know whether the engraving will be legible BEFORE the job proceeds.  Engravers can determine this when digitising and if necessary modify the artwork or alternatively advise the customer of their options.

What is the best artwork file required for engraving?

Caprice will insist on using EPS Vector files or AI artwork created in outlines to get the best result.   Can you create special effects? Yes.  Stipple or half tones can be achieved; photographic replication and colour filling are some of the more popular.

Can you engrave in colour?
What is blackening and is it permanent?

There are 2 types of blackening:

  • Stainless steel surgical black mark. Stainless steel black marking lasts for the life of the product.
  • Oxidising involves applying a chemical to the engraved area which produces a charcoal grey result.  It is not permanent and it is not recommend using it on key-rings.
What is the most decorated product within your line of work?
Pens and key-rings are the most commonly engraved items.

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