General FAQs

What is PMS colour?

Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a book of standardised colours in used to identify, match and communicate colours in order to produce accurate colour matches for any decoration. Each colour has a coded number indicating instructions for mixing inks to achieve that colour. Our factory use Pantone Solid Coated Library for print jobs only.

Can you match to a PMS color?

In most cases, yes. For some colours such as oranges, greens and greys it is impossible to get an exact match.  We will notify you if we cannot match.

Can I order from Caprice Promotional if I do not have an account?

Yes you can.  Initial Orders will require upfront payments.  Once a number of orders have been placed with us and a relationship has formed, you will move to a 14 Day Courtesy Account.

If I do not have correct artwork, will you still accept my order?

Yes we will however we will not be held responsible how the logo/artwork prints. We can redraw artwork at a minimal charge.

Can I see a Pre-Production Sample?

Yes. For indent orders a photograph sample is supplied for all orders.  Should physical Pre Production sample be required, costs will incur.  These costs are made available at the quotation stage.

Can I change or cancel my order once it has been placed?

Production usually begins quickly upon approval, so in most cases it’s not possible to change or cancel an order. If the changes or cancellation happens in the sampling stage, you can cancel the order, however fees may apply.

What is your return policy?

Once the goods are decorated, we do not accept return, unless there is a manufacturing fault. Returns for credit of goods is strictly limited in time to 7 days from date of invoice.

What forms of payment do you accept?


We currently accept EFT or Cheque.
We now also accept Credit Card Payments.

Why Use Vector Files - FAQs

What is a vector EPS image?

A vector EPS image is made up of lines and curves joined together via anchor points set by mathematical calculations.  It is not made up of dots nor can it be high or low resolution.  Vector EPS images are easy to edit, perfectly scaled without compromising the quality and able to have PMS colours applied.  Vector EPS images are ideal for logos, illustrations, mock ups and line drawings.  Vector EPS file sizes are typically smaller when compared to bitmap images.

How can you find out if an artwork is a true Vector EPS?

Open the EPS image in a Vector based program (e.g. Adobe Illustrator).  Click on a section of the artwork.  If it is a true vector image this clicked section will now appear with highlight edges and multiple anchor points (small squares).  Another option would be to open the EPS in Illustrator and select View > Outline.  If it is a true Vector image you will see black construction lines corresponding exactly as per the art.

Why do Caprice Promo insist on only receiving Vector EPS images?

Vector EPS images are very easy to edit, scale, crop, manipulate and apply PMS colours to. They have 100% control and freedom for preparing artwork for decorating (eg: separating, trapping, bleeding, adding white under-bases etc.).

Bitmap EPS vs Vector EPS.

Saving a .jpg image to .eps in Photoshop does not make it a Vector EPS. Likewise, placing a .jpg image into an Illustrator file and saving it as an .eps does not make it a Vector .eps.
To correct this  Carice may perform a logo redraw or ask the client if they have a .pdf art approval of their stationery.  If the stationery was printed in PMS colours, the logo in the .pdf should technically be a true Vector EPS.  By opening the PDF in Illustrator the logo can now be extracted and used

Why do Caprice reject bitmap or jpeg images as artwork?

It is impossible to create PMS spot colour film separations from an RGB image as it is time consuming to edit, apply trapping/bleed and it does not scale smoothly.
Artwork edges are not sharp and small type becomes blurry.  Laser engraving machines need a vector path to follow.
There is one exception – embroiders accept most bitmap files for spot colour jobs.  Printers only accept a bitmap image for printing 4 colour process jobs.  The file must be high resolution and at 100% scale.

What is a logo redraw?

Perfectly tracing over a bitmap logo (jpg) within a vector based program (Illustrator). Once the redrawing has been completed, the bitmap image is removed and the redrawn logo is saved as a perfect true Vector EPS image. All the properties of a Vector EPS now apply to this redrawn logo. The best and most accurate way to redraw a logo is by hand using the pen tool.

What is the difference between CMYK, RGB and PMS colours?

CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (black).  These are process colour inks, perfect for photo realistic printing (eg: magazines, catalogues, etc.).
RGB – Red, Green, Blue.  Televisions and computer monitors emit RGB light to create coloured images.
PMS – Pantone Matching System.  A world standard numbered ink system. 

How reliable is my computer screen for matching colours to a PMS book?

Monitors will typically show colours as being more vivid and brighter because monitor colours are being shown via a light source (RGB).  Whereas a PMS book uses solid printed inks on a paper stock.  There is no common ground between a monitor and a PMS book.  There are some high-end graphic production studios that have perfectly calibrated monitors, monitor software and perfectly neutral office environments to help show ‘true/real life’ colours.  It is important to consider that a computer monitor uses the RGB colour spectrum which has 16,700,000 colour possibilities and a PMS book only has 1,117 colour possibilities.

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