Caprice can advise you on the best fabrics for embroidering your logo, but here are some general questions already answered for you.

Advantages of Embroidery
Embroidery as well as having a lifetime expectancy is also colourfast will not fade and has the appearance of a quality look.
Embroidery will generally outlast the life of a garment to which it is applied.
Caprice Promotional’s embroiderer has well over 25 years experience and has done the most complex logos including Adelaide’s Grand Prix !

What products or surfaces DO work best for embroidery?

Embroidery is best applied to woven surfaces such as clothing, caps, towels or bags made from cotton, wool, canvas, nylon, polyester, cotton drills, felt and knitted fabrics.
Some embroidery programs have to be altered to compensate for various fabrics.
All embroidery programs are digitised to suit the particular surface being embroidered.

What products or surfaces are NOT suitable for embroidery?

Solid surfaces such as wood, plastic and metal are not suitable for embroidery.
Some items are unable to be embroidered as the embroidery machine frames the product being embroidered.  Some styles of bags or thickness in materials can render an item unable to be embroidered.

Are there size limitations for successful embroidery?

Minimum – Embroidery is not suitable for small lettering or designs which are under 3.5mm in size.
Embroidery size is usually determined by any lettering in a design but size with a mimimum height of 3.5mm is recommended.
Maximum – Designs can be up to 40cm wide by 30cm high with a maximum of 15 colours, however this would be very costly.

How long might an embroidery order take?

Average lead time for embroidery is approximately 5 days after approval of design or receipt of stock whichever happens last. Average embroidery set up time varies based on quantity, the size of the embroidery and the type of product being embroidered, the number of colours in the design and how many embroidery heads the operating machine has.

Will I get what I ordered?

Sampling is recommended and is done on the fabric which is going to be embroidered in the colours to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

Will a repeat order mean a new set-up charge?
As all designs are kept electronically, repeat set-ups are not charged for.
What type of colour is used for ink-matching?

Embroiderers use PMS colours as a guide to embroidery, however as PMS colours are an ink-matching system, threads are matched as closely as possible bearing in mind that embroidery threads have a sheen, so coated colours are quoted.

What item is embroidered more than others?
The most decorated item is polo shirts.

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